At haxogreen the hackcenter (main tent) was lit with eurolite RGBA bars. GMC had an Art-Net to DMX box from ohm2013 with him, so we had no other choice but to wire up a DMX512 universe and make some super annoying blinking scripts.

Basic structure

A couple of classes were used:

  • Effect: A superclass for effects
    • Dimmer: A class to make lights slowly fade towards a certain color
  • Mapper: To map the software address of the lights to their DMX hardware address
  • Light: A superclass for fixtures (should be renamed ad some point)
    • Parl40: A class for a specific spot fixture
    • Eurospot: idem
    • City: A class for city floodlights
    • Bar: A class for the man RGBA lights that were in the tent
  • Camp: A class to sit on top of everything else and store what lights we have, and what there addresses are
  • Sender: A simple class to send out basic DMX packages, mainly used for debugging

More info

The code is available on github