• Dumbledore, another light controller My dad had some specific requirements for the lighting system in our new house. He wanted a stable light control system that was expandable and had the following features: ... Read more

  • Muchosledjes: reverse engineering a led matrix I recently scored a large full weatherproof 16 characters, 2 lines mono color led screen. Unfortunately the built in driver board was totally crap: You could only upload text to it via proprietary software, and there was no api of any sorts available. I wanted more, so I decided to reverse engineer the led panels, and come up with a new driver module. ... Read more

  • Haxobars: just fooling around with DMX and Art-Net At haxogreen the hackcenter (main tent) was lit with eurolite RGBA bars. GMC had an Art-Net to DMX box from ohm2013 with him, so we had no other choice but to wire up a DMX512 universe and make some super annoying blinking scripts. ... Read more

  • Dimascus: controlling all the lights My brother is currently transforming an old public transport bus in to a house, and wants to light everything with led strips. He asked me to design a system that could do the following: ... Read more

  • The final countdown In Flanders (Belgium) sixth-formers yearly celebrate the last 100 days. This tradition celebrates that high school is almost over, and that freedom is on its way. Students will usually dress up in costumes and party all day and night long. Most school also organize special activities like a breakfast or allow students to decorate the school buildings. ... Read more

  • Janus, the Gatekeeper ... Read more

  • Electricity timer at kapot karnaval For a small and free festival in Ghent, BE I designed the electronics for an “electricity timer”. This device was made to encourage people to donate to the event, and it’s basically a big timer that you can recharge by inserting coins. When the timer get’s at 10 minutes a blue flashing light goes on, and when it’s at 0 a loud siren will go off and the music is turned of. ... Read more

  • Netlight at haxogreen Together with gmc and zayra I hacked a traffic light to show the uplink status: ... Read more

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